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webflow user experience

Webflow Just Works

This past weekend I built and launched a new website in an afternoon using Webflow. It’s not the best or most original site design I’ve ever done, but the Webflow user experience is decent, the site works great and I can’t believe how quickly it came together. In fact, I put this particular project off for […]

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web design glossary

Help Your Colleagues With A Web Design Glossary

Have you ever been in a web design meeting where someone had no idea what was going on? Sometimes people either don’t know what they don’t know or are too embarrassed to ask, especially if they’re new. If you have a coworker or client that needs some education, or are in a new position at […]

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wireframes document

The 30-Day Web Design and Development Challenge, part 3

The 30-Day Web Design and Development Challenge continues! This week was all about starting design. Using my completed sitemap from part 2 and notes from Discovery, I created wireframes for the home page and portfolio pages. Home Page Wireframe My primary goal for the new site is to get potential clients to schedule a free […]

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The 30-Day Web Design and Development Challenge, part 2

Welcome to part 2 of The 30-Day Web Design and Development challenge. In part 1 I threw down the gauntlet and announced I was redesigning this website. In this post I’ll review my progress for the week. Discovery Phase Last week was all about Discovery. Going through a proper discovery process is the first and most […]

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Photoshop Logo

Why I’m Terrified Of Learning Photoshop

In almost 20 years of web design, I’ve never needed Photoshop. Not once. In my roles at various companies and interactive agencies I was always responsible for either making sure the work got done or defining it, not actually doing it. Now things are different. In my quest to improve my UX/UI design skills, I’m […]

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