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Should UX Designers Know Code Too?

Should UX Designers know code too? I’ve been involved in corporate web design for almost 20 years and have never needed to. But that’s changing this week. I finally bit the bullet and signed up for a web development course on Udemy. I’m excited to dive in and explore what’s possible. It’s taken me a while to […]

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2010 - Speedometer Reaching New Year

10 Tips To Improve Your Website

Here are ten things you can do to improve your web site or blog this year: 1. Establish a clear purpose for your site Why does your site exist? What’s the point? I started this site to share my knowledge about user experience, content development and web strategy. What’s the purpose of your site? Having […]

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How To Create An Effective Website Strategy

Websites are so much more about people than technology. As UX designers, a big part of our job is helping everyone working on a web design project understand and agree about what needs to be built. That means involving all the right people and capturing the right information from the start. Creating an effective website strategy gives design […]

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