White Space Analysis In Your Career

In business, “White Space Analysis” refers to exploring future opportunities and untapped markets. For sales professionals, white space is the gap between what products or services a customer has already invested in and the other products or services that a company or business has to offer.

Besides identifying new opportunities for existing products and services, white space analysis often helps companies create new products and services that previously didn’t exist.

Most designers understand the concept of white space and how important it is for clarity and impact. The term originally described any areas of a document that did not contain text or graphics after printing on white paper. White space analysis is essential for anything you’re designing, whether it’s a website or app, a startup venture or even your lifestyle.

Gain Emphasis and Direction

In design, white space gives your eyes a break and a chance to focus on the most important elements on the screen. Junior designers often fill up all available space with lots of information to showcase a product. But doing that actually has the opposite effect.

Overwhelmed with information, our brains simply stop taking it all in. Instead, white space provides the breathing room necessary to increase understanding. This makes it easier to process information.

Intentional Focus and Rest

White space analysis in your career means finally giving yourself permission to move forward on your own priorities. It could be time you’ve blocked off to improve your existing design skills or starting your next job search.

Maybe it means blocking off Monday mornings to protect your schedule, collect your thoughts and effectively prepare for the work week. Or it could be as simple as not reading any email or Slack messages until you’ve had some time and space away from all the noise.

You could even do a mini-version of Bill Gates’ annual “Think Weeks”.

For example, last year I took a 3-day solo retreat to a tiny Airbnb apartment on 5 acres of beautiful open space in upstate Massachussetts. The purpose of the trip was to clear my head and focus on what was next for my business and personal life.

It was honestly one of the best things I’ve ever done. The change of scene, fresh air and time alone outdoors had a huge impact on everything I’ve accomplished this year and what lies ahead. Even during these stressful times, a change of scene might do you good.

So how do you find white space in your life and career? Let me know in the comments.

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