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How To Work Better With Developers

How well do you work with developers? Newer designers often discover they have a gap in their tech skills. For whatever reason, they just don’t have a very good understanding of how computers and the internet really work. They may have taken an HTML or CSS class at a bootcamp or in college. But it’s not […]

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Book Review: Solving Product Design Exercises

Solving Product Design Exercises by Artiom Dashinsky In your current UX/UI or Product Design role, you are likely solving problems on a whiteboard with your team. “Solving Product Design Exercises” by Artiom Dashinsky was written to help you improve and practice these critical collaboration skills. This short book is also an excellent primer for anyone […]

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Communicating The Value Of UX Design

Have you ever attended a kickoff meeting on a new project and notice several people on the team just don’t “get” UX design? While they know it’s important, you can tell they really don’t understand what it is. This situation can set the stage for a very shaky foundation, and often results in miscommunications and […]

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Interview with Erik Kennedy from Learn UI Design

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Erik Kennedy from Learn UI Design. During our short, 18-minute chat Erik shares the beginnings of his career, what led him to create his awesome UI design course, and what’s next for his brand new UX design course. If you’re thinking of taking either course, this interview might […]

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It’s hard to know where to start when working on a new application or adding a feature to an existing application. Some designers like to go straight to code, while others make sophisticated mockups in Photoshop or Sketch. I like to start with paper and pen. About 10 years ago I took up watercolor sketching […]

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Finding Time To Stay Current

When you’re heads down working on an ongoing project (or series of projects), weeks and months can slip by in a flash. Sometimes even years with bigger projects. And since technology changes rapidly every three to six months it can seem like an eternity in internet time. So how can you stay current when you […]

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