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Are Wireframes Obsolete?

Are wireframes obsolete? For years they’ve been used to help web design and development teams reach shared solutions and gain efficiencies on big projects. But with the shift toward rapid prototyping tools like Bootstrap, Framer, and others, are they really needed anymore? Who Needs Wireframes? Earlier this week one of my colleagues also questioned the […]

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UX In Typography

“Typography is what language looks like.” -Ellen Lupton, Thinking With Type Did you know that on average, people remember 80% of what they see vs. only 20% of what they read?* Since our brains are hard wired to understand visuals more than text, it’s a good idea to make that text as visually appealing as […]

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sketch master

Interview With Sketch Master Creator Peter Nowell

Peter Nowell is the creator of Sketch Master, a series of short online courses for beginner to intermediate-level Sketch users. Highly endorsed by Sketch’s parent company Bohemian Coding, Peter somehow keeps his courses updated right along with Sketch’s constant software updates. He is also a successful freelance designer from San Francisco. His clients include Apple, […]

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learn ui design

Learn UI Design Course Demo

UPDATE: (4/21/22) Erik has released Learn UI Design 2.0 – a completely updated version of the course. All of the videos have been re-recorded and updated to incorporate feedback from literally thousands of students, including an awesome intro to Figma. Today I’m super-stoked to share a short demo video of Erik Kennedy’s Learn UI Design […]

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What I’ve Learned About UI Design

Like many UXers, I’m a huge fan of Erik Kennedy’s Learn UI Design. This one course has done more for my design skills than anything else in the last couple of years. It’s helped me gain more confidence and add more value to client projects. Erik’s course will be open again in a few weeks, […]

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the value loop

The Value Loop

Joe Natoli (Give Good UX) is one of my favorite UX thought leaders. One of his most compelling concepts is called “The Value Loop”. It’s the sweet spot in the middle of the classic UX Venn diagram. Why The Value Loop Is Important A value loop represents the intersection between Business Needs and User Goals. […]

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