Interview with Erik Kennedy from Learn UI Design

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Erik Kennedy from Learn UI Design.

During our short, 18-minute chat Erik shares the beginnings of his career, what led him to create his awesome UI design course, and what’s next for his brand new UX design course.

If you’re thinking of taking either course, this interview might help you decide if it’s a good fit. While a detailed review of Erik’s UX design course is in the works, you may also want to check out my demo video of Learn UI Design here.

A link to the video interview and show notes are below. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

:38 Intro to Erik Kennedy

1:11 How many students are currently enrolled in the course

1:28 How Erik began his career in UX/UI Design

2:30 Why Erik chose a freelance UX career over full-time opportunities

3:25 When Erik decided to add UI to his skill set

3:54 The Medium post that helped launch Learn UI Design

4:53 Why Erik is qualified to teach UI Design

5:24 Who the course is for

6:27 What differentiates Learn UI Design from other online UI courses

10:15 The biggest challenge for Learn UI Design students

11:22 How long it takes to finish the course

12:48 Results from previous students

14:15 When Learn UI Design is open again (as of this recording)

14:35 How Erik’s brand new UX course has been received

15:45 Just for fun #1: Dogs or Cats?

16:36 Just for fun #2: Beer or Wine?

17:10 Where to find Erik online

Book Recco: Practice Perfect by Doug Lamov

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