10 Years of UX Blogging Celebration

10 Years of UX Blogging Celebration

Last week marked the 10th anniversary of maryshaw.net! I can’t believe I’ve been blogging about UX for 10 years. A lot has happened during this time.

Over the last decade the industry has matured as more and more people enter the UX field. To celebrate, here’s a list of my 10 most popular blog posts from the last 10 years along with a quick summary of each. Enjoy!

1. How To Make Annotated Wireframes in Sketch

A detailed post on how to use the Notebook Sketch plugin to annotate wireframes.

2. Resource Allocations: Who’s Working On What?

If you’ve ever felt you have too much on your plate or have struggled to manage different team members, this article will help you keep track of who’s doing what along with a handy downloadable spreadsheet.

3. How To Write A UX Design Proposal

For aspiring UX freelancers, this has everything you need to write a detailed project proposal along with a downloadable template.

4. UX Mentor Program

I started my private coaching program in 2016. Since then I’ve helped hundreds of people get their next UX job or freelance gig, so naturally I was very happy to see this in the top 10 of Google Analytics 🙂

5. The Art of Estimating UX Projects

While every UX project is different, you’ll often find efficiencies in how you can approach the work. This post gives some guidelines about how to price projects to ensure your client gets the best deal and you do too.

6. My UX Sketch Kit and Why You Need One Too

Sketching is one of the most important skills you can develop as a UX designer. It allows you to “think” on paper, come up with lots of ideas quickly and refine your best ideas even more quickly. That’s why it’s great to keep a handy UX sketch kit in your bag.

7. Master Your UX Whiteboard Skills with These 10 Tips

More and more employers are including a whiteboard challenge as part of the interview process. This post will help you get ready and keep your whiteboard skills sharp over time.

8. How To Conduct A Website Competitive Analysis

In this post I share my approach to conducting in-depth competitive reviews of competitor websites and apps.

9. Ten Gifts for UX Designers Under $50

Here are 10 honest-to-goodness physical products (not software) that make great gifts for UX Designers.

10. Make Your Own Sketch Sitemap Template

Last but not least, in this post I’ll show you how to make your own Sketch sitemap template, or you can download mine if that’s easier.

I hope these 10 articles are helpful.

If you’re looking to get valuable UX career advice or help with a challenging project, let’s talk. I’m honored to help you take the next step in your UX journey 🙂

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