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TEA: Time, Effort and Attention

Time, Effort and Attention. Everyone needs to pay attention to all three. In our always-connected society, it can seem impossible to get anything done. Distractions are everywhere. It’s even worse for designers. Multitasking, meetings, and constant interruptions wreak havoc on creative flow every day. When you were in school, did your teachers ever admonish you […]

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Workplace Ghosting

Woody Allen once said, “80% of life is just showing up.” That means that if you just show up you’ll probably succeed. Which is why workplace ghosting is such a waste. According to Wikipedia, Ghosting is breaking off a relationship by ceasing all communication and contact with the former partner without any apparent warning or justification, […]

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Get Clear With A Clarity Break

  Have you ever heard of a clarity break? Of all the productivity tips and strategies I’ve learned over years, clarity breaks are the absolute best. This simple practice is far and away the best thing I’ve done to grow both personally and professionally. What Is A Clarity Break? So, what the heck is a […]

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Make A Gratitude List

It’s almost Thanksgiving here in the U.S. Today’s post is just a quick holiday greeting 🙂 Depending on your outlook, Thanksgiving can be a wonderful holiday or a deeply troubling time. While it might be tempting to dwell on your current challenges, it’s far more productive to think about the gifts all around you. Gifts […]

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Go Away And Take Action

I have a UX coaching client on the verge of getting her next job because she’s not afraid to take action. Here are some of the inspiring things she’s doing that you can also do to effectively position yourself with prospective clients or employers. Clarify Your Goals First things first, what’s your outcome? What sort of […]

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A Setback Leads To Mobile App Design

I’m on crutches again. Last week I re-injured an old knee injury from 30+ years ago. I don’t know when or if it will heal completely this time, but I’ve lived with it long enough to know my attitude will play a major role in the process. Attitude Is Everything Setbacks like these happen to […]

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