Interview With Sketch Master Creator Peter Nowell

sketch master

Peter Nowell is the creator of Sketch Master, a series of short online courses for beginner to intermediate-level Sketch users. Highly endorsed by Sketch’s parent company Bohemian Coding, Peter somehow keeps his courses updated right along with Sketch’s constant software updates.

He is also a successful freelance designer from San Francisco. His clients include Apple, Flinto, Sprightly Books, and more.

Peter recently sat down with me to discuss a major update to his intermediate level Sketch Master course. In just a few hours, User Experience Design In Sketch walks you through the creation of wireframes, designs and a working prototype for a fictitious mobile app.

Peter’s goal is to help designers become comfortable using Sketch’s layout creation, symbols, text editing, visual design, exporting, and other core features. The course also uses Sketch’s prototyping features to bring mockups to life with animated interactive previews on both Android and iOS devices.

In this 45-minute video interview we discuss Peter’s approach to both user experience and curriculum design, as well as what’s new in the updated User Experience Design course. Enjoy!

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