Learn UI Design Course Video Review

UX designers are always pushing for improvements – in themselves as well as in their designs.

A user interface design (UI design) course can help you improve your resume by adding in-demand skills to your tool belt. You’ll be more attractive to potential clients or employers, and gain confidence in your ability to create a compelling, accessible user interface design.

I’m excited to share a video review of Erik Kennedy’s Learn UI Design course. It’s a UI design course that I believe in, because I’ve taken it myself. In fact, after taking this course I landed a 6-month retainer client, which more than paid for the course several times over.

So below, you’ll find my review of Learn UI Design, including what to expect from its course materials and video lessons. You’ll also find a few tips on what to look for in a solid UI design course (even if you don’t choose this one).

What to look for in excellent UI design courses

I love UX design, and I’m a capable UX designer. But it’s always good to diversify your skill set, and I wanted a course that would sharpen my UI skills. Erik’s course content is pure gold because it has provided every single one of the elements below.

When you’re looking for the right online courses, make sure they offer these vital elements:

  • Fundamentals of design, like color theory, typography, layout, and visual hierarchy
  • Instruction on using software like Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma, or similar tools
  • Technical skills like wireframing and prototyping
  • Responsive and mobile design, including designing for mobile phones and tablets
  • Visual Design and aesthetics topics like icon design, branding, and creating visually appealing interfaces
  • Design patterns, best practices, and industry-specific guidelines
  • Accessibility, and how to create inclusive designs that are accessible to users with disabilities
  • User Interaction Design, including animations and micro-interactions.
  • Design portfolio development and assistance
  • Real-world projects and personalized feedback on your designs

(If you’re interested in getting a better grasp of UX design – like improving your user research techniques or interaction design skills – Erik also offers a course called Learn UX Design.)

There are other UI design courses, of course. But I found that Learn UI Design was better than courses from CareerFoundry UI design program and Interaction Design Foundation. Erik’s program is simply stellar, and I think that once you watch the video below you’ll agree.

Why I used Learn UI Design to become a UI designer

Erik Kennedy has graciously given me permission to show you behind the scenes of his excellent Learn UI Design course. He’s recently updated it, and Learn UI Design 2.0 boasts re-recorded videos and feedback from thousands of students. The new version offers an even deeper understanding of visual design and user research, and introduces UI design tools like Figma.

Learn UI Design is a brilliant exploration of how UI design theory improves web design, and I wholeheartedly recommend it for anyone who wants to add UI design skills to their design thinking toolkit.

I love how thorough this course is. You’ll receive engaging live video tutorials on every aspect of UI design, from design fundamentals to the elements of responsive design. On top of that, Erik provides practical exercises to help you put your UX UI design skills to the test. Plus, he and his team give personal feedback on all of your coursework.

Who benefits most from this course?

Erik Kennedy’s Learn UI Design course is perfect for creative professionals who want to learn or improve their UI design skills, from beginners to seasoned web designers. It’s also great for those who want to give their resumes a boost or change course in their careers, like graphic designers who want to design for mobile apps, or UX designers who want to become UI UX designers instead.

Watch My Learn UI Design Course Demo

Check out the video below to see if Learn UI Design is a good fit for you.

You’re Worth It

Yes, this course is expensive. But I recouped the entire Learn UI Design course price within a few months by landing a new client. Thanks to Learn UI Design, I had the confidence and skills I needed to win that client – trust me, the benefits far outweigh the up-front cost.

Erik doesn’t advertise the price, but it’s probably close to $1000 by now. If you work for a company, ask if they’d be willing to pay for some top-notch industry training. If you’re a freelancer or consultant, nothing beats investing in yourself for a more secure future.

Plus, lifetime access to the course materials is included in the price. So you can always go back and rewatch videos on your own schedule.

Full Disclosure

I’m an affiliate for Learn UI Design, which means if you purchase the course using my link, I’ll earn a commission at no additional cost to you. I only promote products I personally use and believe in, and Erik’s course is definitely one of the best investments I’ve ever made. In the last year, I’ve been able to add more value to client projects with my new skills AND raise my freelance rates.

Need More Info?

Check out my previous posts about Learn UI Design here and here. In the meantime, if you have any questions please leave them in the comments and I’ll answer them as soon as possible.

3 Responses to Learn UI Design Course Video Review

  1. DeniseNo Gravatar September 23, 2021 at 6:14 pm #

    Hello, I’m looking for some advice on this course. I am looking to ENTER the UI field (not change tech careers) and was wondering if this would be a good place to start? I’ve read some of his blog and watched your video and I’m liking how it sounds so far, but I didn’t know if this is something for someone coming in with little to no experience in the tech field.

  2. MaryNo Gravatar September 23, 2021 at 6:34 pm #

    Hi Denise, thanks for your comment. It really depends on how tech-savvy you are, even though you are not “in” the tech field. Erik’s course is excellent for total beginners, assuming you generally understand how computers and the internet work. You don’t need to be a “techy” to gain that kind of knowledge, just curious. I was completely clueless when I started my tech career 25 years ago and am almost completely self-taught. I was fortunate to have some work colleagues show me the ropes when I got stuck, but mostly it was books and courses that helped me find my way. Hope that helps!


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