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Do UX Research With Real Humans

What do your customer’s pains and problems have to do with effective UX design? Everything. Most businesses exist to solve a problem or a variety of problems for their customers. To create the best design solution for a digital product, you must have a deep understanding of your customer’s problem. If you’re a consultant working […]

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ux project brief

All In Favor Of The Project Brief

Once a UX design proposal is approved, it’s time to schedule a kickoff meeting. Back in my PMP days at a large agency, I introduced the concept of a “project brief” to mark the official start of an approved project. What Is A UX Project Brief? A UX project brief is different from a traditional […]

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digital design ambiguity

Dealing With Digital Design Ambiguity

A big part of being a successful UI/UX designer is being comfortable with digital design ambiguity. Our primary role is to help stakeholders and teams craft a vision of the final product, often from nothing. While the need for certainty is clearly fundamental to all humans, designers need an effective approach to confidently go from the […]

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website competitive analysis

How To Conduct A Website Competitive Analysis

Conducting a website competitive analysis is often your first chance to feel true empathy for your client’s customer. It’s a great opportunity to see all the different online offerings from their perspective. In this post I’ll share my approach to conducting in-depth reviews of competitor websites and apps. Why Conduct A Website Competitive Analysis? The […]

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UX design process

What’s Your UX Design Process?

What’s the point of a snazzy digital design if no one wants it? And why put your team through hell getting it done? You stand a much better chance of achieving your online business goals by using an established process. This allows you space and time to clearly define who the product is for, what they get, […]

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lean canvas

Use Lean Canvas To Align User Needs With Business Goals

When working with students as a UX Design Mentor at CareerFoundry, one of their early assignments is to create a Lean Canvas, which is basically a one page business plan. It’s a great tool to test multiple product ideas quickly and effectively before settling in on the best option. It’s also very useful for aligning user needs with business goals since it helps everyone focus […]

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