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In September I had the pleasure of appearing on Joe Natoli’s Making UX Work Podcast.

If you’re not familiar with Joe’s work, he’s a veteran UX designer, teacher and consultant who’s been helping Fortune 500 organizations train Product Design, Development and UX Teams for almost 30 years.

His excellent Udemy courses have over 120,000 students. Joe is one of the few people I know who’s been in the web design business longer than I have

In this episode Joe and I reflect on lessons learned during on our mutually long careers and the current state of the digital design industry. We also talk about the fact that even though technology constantly changes, the fundamentals around good design are timeless. A link to the episode is below along with show notes. Enjoy!

Making UX Work Podcast With Joe Natoli

  • 4:22: My career transition into UX design
  • 8:17: How to leverage previous career skills into a UX opportunity
  • 8:17The book by Ashley Friedlein that introduced me to web design
  • 9:57: Using Web Redesign: Workflow that Works 2.0 as a “project cookbook”
  • 10:37: Don Norman & Alan Cooper
  • 11:14: How the “scaffolding” diagram from The Elements of User Experience still holds true today
  • 13:04: A day in the life back in the day (before we called it UX)
  • 15:54- 18:30: Facing challenges
  • 20:37 – 22:30: How to handle difficult clients
  • 24:45 – 26:18: Helping the business figure out what it needs vs. what it wants
  • 26:41 – 29:29: Besides having a UX good process, cooperation and collaboration are a huge part of the job
  • 47:11 – 49:19: Why business goals are just as important as user needs
  • 51:15 – 51:46: Getting over imposter syndrome and fear of getting fired

Being on a Joe Natoli podcast is quite an honor for which I’m very grateful. Thanks for listening, and let me know what you think!

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