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UX Designers and Project Managers

Batman and Robin. Lucy and Ricky. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. UX Designers and Project Managers. What do they all have in common? Great collaboration. Great work doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It can’t. It needs the catalyst of opposing energies to move forward. As UX/UI Designers, we’re charged with creating and executing a shared […]

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ux stakeholders

How To Effectively Manage UX Stakeholders

Managing stakeholder expectations is the most difficult yet most important aspect of any design project. In this post I’ll share some tips, strategies and lessons learned that have helped me over the last 20 years. “Stakeholder UX” Put yourself in the shoes of your project stakeholder for a minute. What will be their experience of working […]

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kickoff meeting

How To Run A Successful Kickoff Meeting

How many projects have you worked on that got derailed immediately after the kickoff meeting? It happens. A lot. And it’s not necessarily because of miscommunications during the meeting. It often has absolutely nothing to do with the actual meeting. The kickoff meeting is the linchpin of all successful design projects, but it’s really hard […]

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Use Discovery To Setup Successful Web Projects

Whether you’re working on a new web design project or selling to a new prospect, your job as a digital strategist, UX designer, or independent web designer is to first understand your client’s business. The best way to do that is to use a deliberate and focused discovery process. In this post I’ll share what […]

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