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UX Sketching: Whiteboard 101

In my experience, the best UX/UI designs result when teams work together to sketch out their ideas. They do this based on solid user research combined with a clear understanding of business needs. The resulting sketches help teams clarify their thinking “on paper”. They make abstract ideas more tangible, and enable teams to explore multiple design […]

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5 Tips To Run A Winning Wireframe Meeting

Presenting wireframes to clients is a big milestone in a web design project. Recently some readers asked how to run a wireframe meeting, so here are 5 tips to help you create and deliver a wireframe presentation that gets great results and rave reviews. 1. Preparation As UX designers we lay out the project vision, so […]

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What's Your User Story?

What’s Your User Story?

  Stories have been a cornerstone of design for thousands of years. The great pyramids were built to provide the Pharoahs with a safe journey to the afterlife. The Acropolis was built as a monument to the people of Athens. The Sistine Chapel is the centerpiece of any visit to Vatican City. Each of these architectural […]

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User Experience Marketing

In a recent blog post, John S. Rhodes suggests that user experience design and direct marketing are the same. While I don’t agree they are identical disciplines, I do agree they have a lot in common. I also believe that blending the two creates a powerful concept I like to call User Experience Marketing, or UXM […]

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Sketch first before you wireframe

Wireframe 101: Sketch First, Wireframe Later

What Are Wireframes? Wireframes represent a simple black and white, plain vanilla version of the proposed product. Each individual wireframe serves as a blueprint or schematic of a design template, and shows how navigation, content and images will all work together. What Are Wireframes Used For? Wireframes are great for visual communication, solving design problems […]

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