Thanks for visiting my UX Products store. These templates and resources have been downloaded by hundreds of UX and Product Designers around the world. They can help speed up your workflow and boost your career.

Template Downloads

UX Estimator 

Get the same spreadsheet I’ve used to generate over $100k in UX consulting fees.

UX Estimator

UX Estimator $9.99

UX Proposal Template

Get the same proposal I’ve used to close over $100k in consulting business.

UX Design Proposal

UX Proposal Template $9.99

Sketch Sitemap

Save yourself some time – get the same Sketch File featured in my “Make Your Own Sketch Sitemap Template” article.


Sketch Sitemap Template $9.99

Allocations Spreadsheet 

Get a copy of my Allocations Spreadsheet to help you keep track of who’s working on what.

Allocations Spreadsheet

Allocations Spreadsheet $9.99

Career Resources

Your Professional Story

Who are you, and what do you have to offer? In this video, you’ll discover what truly makes you unique—and you’ll learn how to position your skills confidently and concisely. As a result, you’ll walk into every interview with a powerful sense of who you are and what you can add to a team.

Your Professional Story

Your Professional Story $37.00

Surviving Design Challenges

Most companies will want to see how you work before hiring you. This is the dreaded “design challenge,”—which is often the most nerve-wracking part of the interview process. In this video, you’ll learn my best strategies and tactics for handling design challenges… So you can crack the code of even the toughest one and pass with flying colors.

ux whiteboard skills

Surviving Design Challenges $37.00

UX Portfolio Reviews

Does your UX Portfolio attract quality job leads? Your portfolio website has one job – to convince potential employers to contact you. Is yours doing that? If not, my UX Portfolio Review service can help.