Stop Portfolio Paranoia

Your UX portfolio serves one purpose only – to connect you with a recruiter or hiring manager. That’s it. A UX portfolio template is designed to achieve that one, specific goal. Here’s how to create one. Who’s It For? Your portfolio must immediately, clearly and concisely communicate your unique value from the moment someone lands […]

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Becoming A More Confident UX Designer

While you will naturally gain confidence as a UX professional on the job, what happens when you’re looking for a new job or seeking a promotion? How do you demonstrate that you’re a confident UX designer to HR recruiters and hiring managers? Positioning Your Professional Story One of the first things I explore with my career […]

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It’s hard to know where to start when working on a new application or adding a feature to an existing application. Some designers like to go straight to code, while others make sophisticated mockups in Photoshop or Sketch. I like to start with paper and pen. About 10 years ago I took up watercolor sketching […]

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TEA: Time, Effort and Attention

Time, Effort and Attention. Everyone needs to pay attention to all three. In our always-connected society, it can seem impossible to get anything done. Distractions are everywhere. It’s even worse for designers. Multitasking, meetings, and constant interruptions wreak havoc on creative flow every day. When you were in school, did your teachers ever admonish you […]

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The 5 Whys Method

The “5 Whys” approach is one of my favorite research methods to get to the root cause of any issue and solve it. The approach is pretty simple. Just keep asking “why?” until you figure things out, right? Well, simple isn’t always easy. How To Use The 5 Whys To Figure Out The “Real” Why […]

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Finding Time To Stay Current

When you’re heads down working on an ongoing project (or series of projects), weeks and months can slip by in a flash. Sometimes even years with bigger projects. And since technology changes rapidly every three to six months it can seem like an eternity in internet time. So how can you stay current when you […]

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