How To Be Less Reactive At Work

What if you could be less reactive at work? This may sound familiar. It’s early in the morning. You’ve got your to-do list ready, a fresh cup of coffee in hand, and you’re excited for the day. Then you check your email and your day is totally trashed. Someone else’s problem has suddenly become yours. […]

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Book Review: Solving Product Design Exercises

Solving Product Design Exercises by Artiom Dashinsky In your current UX/UI or Product Design role, you are likely solving problems on a whiteboard with your team. “Solving Product Design Exercises” by Artiom Dashinsky was written to help you improve and practice these critical collaboration skills. This short book is also an excellent primer for anyone […]

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Developing Your Talent Stack

The “Talent Stack” is a concept by Dilbert creator Scott Adams. It states that you can combine ordinary skills until you have enough of the right kind to be extraordinary. While Adams confesses he’s not much of an artist or a business expert, he’s combined those two skills with writing and his quick wit to create a […]

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Communicating The Value Of UX Design

Have you ever attended a kickoff meeting on a new project and notice several people on the team just don’t “get” UX design? While they know it’s important, you can tell they really don’t understand what it is. This situation can set the stage for a very shaky foundation, and often results in miscommunications and […]

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Pushing Your Comfort Zone

How do you grow professionally? Gain better skills, get a new job, or just find time to think? How do you push past your comfort zone? New Year’s Day is right around the corner. At this time many people, myself included, make resolutions toward positive behavioral changes. A classic example is saying you’ll hit the […]

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gifts are everywhere

Gifts Are Everywhere

Depending on your outlook, Thanksgiving can be a wonderful holiday or a deeply troubling time. While it might be tempting to dwell on your current challenges, it’s far more productive to think about the gifts all around you. For example, while my wonderful mom is no longer with us, my dad is, so we’re going […]

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