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Why I’m Doubling Down On UI Design

What if you could learn UI design skills on top of your UX chops without going crazy? Think of UX design as “how something works”, and UI design as “how something looks”. The industry constantly confuses these two disciplines, which are really sister skill sets. Being able to do both well enables you to design […]

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Freelance UX Success Story: Dhiren Patel

  Today I’m thrilled to feature Dhiren Patel, a freelance UX designer based in Dallas, TX. I met Dhiren last year while serving as his UX design mentor at CareerFoundry. Dhiren finished the 6-month online course on time and hit the ground running to very quickly become a successful UX freelancer. Dhiren’s story is a […]

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Do UX Research With Real Humans

What do your customer’s pains and problems have to do with effective UX design? Everything. Most businesses exist to solve a problem or a variety of problems for their customers. To create the best design solution for a digital product, you must have a deep understanding of your customer’s problem. If you’re a consultant working […]

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How To Effectively Manage UX Stakeholders

Managing stakeholder expectations is the most difficult yet most important aspect of any design project. In this post I’ll share some tips, strategies and lessons learned that have helped me over the last 20 years. “Stakeholder UX” Put yourself in the shoes of your project stakeholder for a minute. What will be their experience of working […]

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