Mary Shaw - UX Designer, Norwalk, CT

10 UX Resources For Back To School

Summer is almost over with the arrival of back to school season. With that in mind, here are 10 great UX resources that will help you improve your UX design skills. The list includes several online and in-person courses and a few of my all-time favorite UX design books. Check them out and let me know […]

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kickoff meeting

How To Run A Successful Kickoff Meeting

How many projects have you worked on that got derailed immediately after the kickoff meeting? It happens. A lot. And it’s not necessarily because of miscommunications during the meeting. It often has absolutely nothing to do with the actual meeting. The kickoff meeting is the linchpin of all successful design projects, but it’s really hard […]

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content first ux

Adopting Content First UX Design

If you’ve been in web design for any length of time, you’ve probably chased your fair share of content. In fact, it’s probably delayed your projects more than once. It might even be delaying them now. Getting timely delivery of website content is by far the messiest, most difficult aspect of web design. At the […]

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web design glossary

Help Your Colleagues With A Web Design Glossary

Have you ever been in a web design meeting where someone had no idea what was going on? Sometimes people either don’t know what they don’t know or are too embarrassed to ask, especially if they’re new. If you have a coworker or client that needs some education, or are in a new position at […]

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work anywhere

How To Work Anywhere: My Remote Working Setup

If you’ve scanned any UX design job boards lately, you’ve probably seen lots of listings with “anywhere” as the location. Perhaps you’ve wondered if being a digital nomad or work-at-home mom or dad (WAHM) is a good option. Right now it’s the only option for me due to family responsibilities. I’m not working poolside in […]

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UX design process

What’s Your UX Design Process?

What’s the point of a snazzy digital design if no one wants it? And why put your team through hell getting it done? You stand a much better chance of achieving your online business goals by using an established process. This allows you space and time to clearly define who the product is for, what they get, […]

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