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Strategy Maps

Use Strategy Maps To Visualize Promotions

  There are lots of ways UX designers can support the creative team besides delivering standard task flows, sitemaps and wireframes. One way to add value is to use a strategy map. Get The Big Picture With regard to promotional websites, a strategy map is a visual representation of a consumer’s online experience and all […]

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5 Tips To Run A Winning Wireframe Meeting

Presenting wireframes to clients is a big milestone in a web design project. Recently some readers asked how to run a wireframe meeting, so here are 5 tips to help you create and deliver a wireframe presentation that gets great results and rave reviews. 1. Preparation As UX designers we lay out the project vision, so […]

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What's Your User Story?

What’s Your User Story?

  Stories have been a cornerstone of design for thousands of years. The great pyramids were built to provide the Pharoahs with a safe journey to the afterlife. The Acropolis was built as a monument to the people of Athens. The Sistine Chapel is the centerpiece of any visit to Vatican City. Each of these architectural […]

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Sketch first before you wireframe

Wireframe 101: Sketch First, Wireframe Later

What Are Wireframes? Wireframes represent a simple black and white, plain vanilla version of the proposed product. Each individual wireframe serves as a blueprint or schematic of a design template, and shows how navigation, content and images will all work together. What Are Wireframes Used For? Wireframes are great for visual communication, solving design problems […]

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