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Do UX Research With Real Humans

What do your customer’s pains and problems have to do with effective UX design? Everything. Most businesses exist to solve a problem or a variety of problems for their customers. To create the best design solution for a digital product, you must have a deep understanding of your customer’s problem. If you’re a consultant working […]

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ux stakeholders

How To Effectively Manage UX Stakeholders

Managing stakeholder expectations is the most difficult yet most important aspect of any design project. In this post I’ll share some tips, strategies and lessons learned that have helped me over the last 20 years. “Stakeholder UX” Put yourself in the shoes of your project stakeholder for a minute. What will be their experience of working […]

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The Art Of Estimating UX Projects

One of my UX coaching clients recently asked me how to create estimates for UX projects. In this post I’ll share what’s worked best for me over the years. Consulting work is usually billed on a time and materials basis. You come up with an hourly rate and estimate how many hours you think it […]

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ux project brief

All In Favor Of The Project Brief

Once a UX design proposal is approved, it’s time to schedule a kickoff meeting. Back in my PMP days at a large agency, I introduced the concept of a “project brief” to mark the official start of an approved project. What Is A UX Project Brief? A UX project brief is different from a traditional […]

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Work-Life Balance In UX Design

Many people new to UX design wonder if it offers good work-life balance. I’ve been working part-time from home for over a decade, so I say an emphatic yes! In this post I’ll share some tips and strategies that you can use as you craft your own path towards work-life balance. Work-Life Balance Is A […]

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mary brooks kerrville

How A Traveling Troubadour Became A UX Designer

    If you’re a career changer looking to become a UX designer, my story should resonate with you. People come to digital design jobs from all walks of life. Even music. I was a professional musician for 12 years before starting my web design career in 1996. Even though the modern interwebs didn’t exist […]

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